Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) is made by the oxidation of Paraxylene, using Acetic Acid as a solvent. In the first stage, air is blown into the oxidation reactor containing a mixture of Paraxylene, Acetic Acid and a catalyst. As a result of this reaction, Crude Terephthalic Acid (CTA) is formed, which is then crystallised and dried.

In the second stage known as purification, CTA is re-dissolved in hot water, co-products are removed by hydrogenation and PTA is produced which is again crystallised and dried. This process ensures that the 99.98% purity required by our customers for the manufacture of polyester products is achieved.

Various ancillary stages are required to ensure waste recovery and raw material efficiency and the process requires nitrogen, hydrogen, natural, large quantities of fresh water and significant electrical power.

A state of the art Effluent Treatment Plant is integrated with our PTA Plant. The liquid effluent from the PTA production process is biologically treated using a deep shaft technology, so that the final water being discharged fully conforms to the National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS).

The PTA Chemical Process