Asia Top 10 Global Vision


Lotte has a renewed vision of becoming one of Asia’s top 10 global business groups by 2018, leading markets across Asia by reinforcing its core businesses. To achieve this, Lotte has implemented new management strategies and core values. A five-core action plan (read below) has been put in place along with a program for fortifying employee pride, nurturing future talents, expanding brand management and ensuring a deeper sense and understanding of clients.

In Pakistan, Lotte aspires to follow the same spirit and create an identical business model by investing in core businesses. The acquisition of PTA Plant marks the beginning of Lotte’s commitment to grow in this region. We at Lotte Chemical Pakistan are striving to achieve this new vision with a consistent focus on local and global growth opportunities.

Action Plans
  1. Global vision
    Lotte creates new opportunities beyond the boundaries of local markets, meeting new customers beyond the boundaries of current businesses and markets. By strengthening its domestic core businesses and expanding its overseas operations, Lotte aims to become one of Asia’s top 10 global corporations by 2018.
  2. Competitiveness
    Today’s global market knows no national or local boundaries and is instead an arena of limitless competition. Based on strong competitiveness and top capabilities in each business area and a relentless commercial spirit, Lotte is increasing its competitive edge in the global marketplace, competing with the world’s leading companies.
  3.  Customer Satisfaction
    At a hotel in Moscow, a department store in Beijing, a hypermarket in Ho chi Minh City and in grocery sections around the world, Lotte is pleasing customer’s day in and day out. Wherever you go, Lotte is doing its best to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction with top products and services.
  4. Sustainable future
    By fulfilling its social responsibility as a global corporation, Lotte is doing its part to make the world a better place, growing alongside our customers and with communities’ around the world, while also helping usher in a sustainable future as a trusted and respected global corporation.
  5. Partnership
    Whether it is foods, hotels, retail, construction or petrochemical, Lotte maintains a close cooperative relationship with leading local companies in every country where it operates. Lotte has become a global corporation in the truest sense by having all of its companies grow in unison based on close partnership.