Training & Development

We believe in our people, yet we think it’s our responsibility to train and develop our employees so they acquire the skill-set and aptitude to demonstrate and harness their potential.

Through a structured process, we provide management and leadership development initiatives for our employees. The individual development needs of our employees areidentified within the framework of our performance evaluation system. During the performance evaluation period, development areas are determined by comparing employees’ existing qualifications and competencies to targeted qualifications and competencies, which, in turn, provide input for training requirement analyses. This process aligns employees’ work to support Company strategies.

External Training

We carry out a number of trainings for our employees, believing that these sessions enhance employee skills and in turn their productivity and motivation within the workplace.

Some corporate training from renowned corporate trainers included: Leading from Within, Lead with Pride, Managerial Grid, Presentation Skills, MS Excel (advance and essential levels), Winning Decision, Email, Letter & Report writing skills and others.

Employees who participate in external training organize information sharing training sessions which enhance interaction among employees so they form a cohesive unit in line with the Company’s corporate culture.

Internal Faculty Development

In line with our strategy of talent localization, the Company develops a talented pool of in-house trainers. Inspiring trainers from various functions are selected and subjected to rigorous training using internal and external resources. The pool of internal trainers then conducts various learning and development programs within the Company, which saves training costs and helps improve a learning culture based on knowledge sharing.

All our employees are encouraged to participate in this program and share their knowledge and experiences with their colleagues. Our local faculty has trained participants on topics ranging from Ethical Management to Six Sigma Orientation to Lead with Pride, among others.

Scholarships In Universities

We provided scholarships to deserving students (on a need and merit basis) in various disciplines at LUMS and NED University of Engineering and Technology. The scholarship covers their entire education period, and is renewed based on students’ performance in each semester.