Lotte Chemical Pakistan Ltd is a world-class supplier of purified terephthalic acid, an essential raw material used in the polyester industry. Lotte, the South Korean conglomerate, acquired the majority shareholdings in Pakistan PTA Limited (PPTA) in September 2009. Subsequently, the name of the Company was changed to Lotte Chemical Pakistan Ltd.

Lotte Chemical Pakistan Ltd is the single largest foreign direct investment to date (US$ 490 million) in Pakistan’s petrochemical industry. The plant at Port Qasim, Karachi was built using ICI’s state-of-the-art technology when it was commissioned in 1998. It produces Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA), an essential raw material for Pakistan’s textile and PET packaging industries and forms the backbone of the polyester chain, including Polyester Staple Fibre, Filament Yarn and PET (bottle grade) resin.

In addition to its own manufacturing facilities, the Company has helped create a large infrastructure network at the Port Qasim vicinity, which includes a chemical jetty, raw water pipeline and manufacture of industrial gases through third party contracts. It has therefore been a trendsetter in industrial investment in Pakistan.

The PTA plant was constructed in 1996/97 and started production in June 1998. Within a short time, PPTA’s dedicated and highly motivated team of professional engineers proved that it could run this complex plant to world standards of safety, environmental care, product quality and process efficiency. Since 2002 the plant has operated above its nameplate capacity of 400,000 tons per annum and following minor de-bottlenecking and process improvements, is capable of ramping that up to 500,000 tons per annum. The plant remains one of the most advanced facilities in its class in the region.

The company maintains its competitive edge by virtue of being a local manufacturer and major supplier for the domestic Polyester and PET industries with short delivery times, consistent quality and excellent customer service.

With a strong belief in contributing to the nation and society through commerceLotte initially entered the food business when in founded Lotte Confectionary in 1967. From this business the group diversified into hotels and department stores, as well as retail and tourism industries. Lotte has since extended its reach into industries such as construction and petrochemicals. Lotte has made bold investments in the global marketplace in the 1990s, laying the groundwork for it to become a competitive global corporation. In the past decade, it has been able to grow into one of Korea’s largest conglomerates with its exports to more than 70 countries and establishing new ventures or acquiring businesses in Asia and Europe.

Lotte Global Map


At Lotte Chemical Pakistan Limited, our customer’s satisfaction is the driving force behind our spirit to meet challenges and achieve excellence in whatever we do. We maximize operating efficiencies and demonstrate best practices in Safety, Health and Environment that add value to our quality product and make a Difference in letter and in spirit.

cultureOur open culture encourages both social and professional interaction and the sharing of knowledge, ideas and opinions amongst employees as well as our business partners. Our open management style fosters communication from the highest level in the organization and outside to the lowest. We strongly believe in teamwork and practice this competency at all level within the organization.

We work hard and are proud of our achievements, growing reputation, quality of product and servicing, continued success & growth. This hard work and success is often celebrated in forms of social events organized by the management committee at Lotte Chemical Pakistan Limited. We remain cognizant of market changes and retain the ability to adjust to the fluctuating business conditions.

At Lotte Chemical Pakistan, employees are well trained, developed and supported to achieve success in their professional and personal lives. We provide our staff with a solid career framework, with development milestones against which all employees are appraised.

All this adds up to a professional place where people are hired on the merits of their skills and experience and are provided with an environment and an opportunity to develop that experience for the benefit of themselves, their colleagues and the organization.

asiatop10_01Lotte established a new vision to become one of Asia’s top 10 global business groups by 2018, leading markets across Asia by strengthening its core businesses. To help realize Vision 2018, Lotte also put management strategies and core values into place. Lotte has established five core missions Vision 2018 action plans(GLOBAL VISION, COMPETITIVENESS, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, PARTNERSHIP & SUSTAINABLE FUTURE), a program for strengthening employee pride, as well as nurturing future talents, increasing brand management, and ensuring a deeper understanding of customers.

In Pakistan, Lotte aspires to create a similar business model by investing in core businesses. The acquisition of PPTA marks the first step of Lotte’s commitment to grow in this region. We at Lotte Chemical Pakistan Ltd will strive to help Lotte achieve its new vision by continually exploring growth opportunities in Pakistan as well as overseas.


  • Strengthening Core Competencies – to achieve industry’s best level of competitive edge in major business areas and expand into related businesses.
  • On-site management – adapt voices of the fields and incorporate into business strategy.
  • Developing Talent – recruit talented people and cultivate into global experts.
  • Enhancing Brand Value – gain global premium brand status through realizing highest level of customer satisfaction & trust.


  • Customer Focus
  • Originality
  • Partnership
  • Responsibility
  • Passion 


  1. Global vision
    Lotte creates new opportunities beyond the boundaries of local markets, meeting new customers beyond the boundaries of current businesses and markets. By strengthening its domestic core businesses and expanding its overseas operations, Lotte aims to become one of Asia’s top 10 global corporations by 2018
  2. Competitiveness
    Today’s global market knows no national or local boundaries and is instead an arena of limitless competition. Based on strong competitiveness and top capabilities in each business area and a relentless commercial spirit, Lotte is increasing its competitive edge in the global marketplace, competing with the world’s leading companies.
  3.  Customer Satisfaction
    At a hotel in Moscow, a department store in Beijing, a hypermarket in Ho chi Minh City and in grocery sections around the world, Lotte is pleasing customer’s day in and day out. Wherever you go, Lotte is doing its best to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction with top products and services.
  4. Sustainable future
    By fulfilling its social responsibility as a global corporation, Lotte is doing its part to make the world a better place, growing alongside our customers and with communities’ around the world, while also helping usher in a sustainable future as a trusted and respected global corporation.
  5. Partnership
    Whether it is foods, hotels, retail, construction or petrochemical, Lotte maintains a close cooperative relationship with leading local companies in every country where it operates. Lotte will become a global corporation in the truest sense by having all of its companies grow in unison based on close partnership.
charlotteThe name ‘LOTTE’ is derived from Charlotte, a heroine in the Sorrows of Young Werther by Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe, a literary giant from Germany. ‘Your palate’s sweetheart’ is a slogan created by the Company, envisioning Charlotte, a character who stays in the memory for a long time and is deep in the hearts of many people around the world.
Lotte, the icon of ‘Beloved woman’, is not a passive character being loved for no reason. She is responsible, active, bright and open-minded. She loves her family and the world. She cares for the poor and the powerless. Her judgment is based on intellectual thought process. She has passion for hobbies and socialization. She is honest about her emotions. She dances beautifully and is ahead of her time.
ICI group invests in the local (Pakistan) petrochemical industry to capture the growing local demand of PTA.
Project Construction started.
PTA plant commissioned.
PTA business de-merged from ICI Pakistan Limited into Pakistan PTA Limited (PTA) and separately listed on all stock exchanges in Pakistan.
Akzo Nobel completed its acquisition of ICI Plc, subsequently becoming the ultimate holding company of Pakistan PTA Limited.
Lotte acquired majority shareholdings in Pakistan PTA Limited, making it a part of the Lotte Worldwide Group. Subsequently, the name of the Company was changed to Lotte Chemical Pakistan Ltd.