At LCPL, we have created an open culture that encourages smooth social and professional interaction and sharing of knowledge, ideas and opinions among employees as well as our business partners. Our open management style improves communication, encourages teamwork and develops competencies at all levels within the organization.

We are a hard working organization and take great pride in our achievements, growing reputation, quality of products and services, and continued success. We celebrate our achievements by social events organized by the management committee at LCPL. However, at the same time we remain aware of market changes and augment our adaptability to fluctuating business conditions.

At LCPL, employees are trained, developed and supported to achieve professional and personal success. We provide our staff with a robust career framework with development milestones against which all employees are appraised.

All this has created an eco-system where people are hired on the merits of their skills and experience and nurtured in a stimulating environment that benefits themselves, their colleagues and the organization.