Corporate Governance

Business principles
  • Each employee should implement the Company’s core Values, comply with and observe applicable laws, support fundamental human rights and give due regards to health, safety and environment.
Business integrity
  • Bribery and other form of unethical business practices are prohibited
  • Free enterprise is promoted and strict compliance with competition
    laws is required
  • As a responsible corporate citizens, participation in community
    activities is encouraged and all measures are taken for the safety and health of employees as well as for the protection of the environment
  • Employees are expected to maintain confidentiality and to act in the
    Company’s interest at all times
Company responsibilities
  • Adopt the spirit of open communication
  • Provide equal opportunities and a healthy, safe and secure
  • Ensure the rights of employees to join unions/associations
  • Protect personal data of employees
  • Engage in an active performance management system
Employee responsibilities

The Code provides guidance to employees on their responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Media relations and disclosures
  • Inside information
  • Corporate identity
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Internet USE
  • Business travel policy
  • Prohibition on substance abuse